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Punch Power Amplifiers
(TRANSconductance NOdal Voltage Amplifier)
Short signal path and low voltage in the preamp stage plus seperate power supplies for power and output deliver the cleanest audio possible.

(Tracking Operation Pre-Amplifier Zone)
A ground loop kill zone is created in the front end of the preamplifier that prevents noise from getting into the amplifier. Nothing but clean music.

.1 and .2 Vicious Power-
When "too much" power is exactly what is needed, link up two series, 250 series or 500.2 amplifiers into the system. The results are staggering. For instance, two 50.1 amplifiers bridged into one woofer woofer system can easily deliver 650 watts peak into 2 ohms. Up to 1460 watts into 4 ohms with one 500.2 powering one system. All the amp!!.
TRANSconductance Active Nodal Amplifier
Similiar to Trans•nova, a short signal path and low voltage philosophy in the preamp stage delivers the cleanest audio through the amplifier.

INDexed Ideal Gain Operation
Power supplies swing with battery voltage to assure rated power no matter how bad the battery may need to be replaced. INDIGO is the feature that allows Punch amplifiers to do so much power, commonly referred to as Punch Power, Rockford Fosgate amplifiers just sound louder.

Bass EQ-
The Punch 360.6 can be the quickest decision in your system. It does it all. Bass EQ allows additonal customizing of 2 channels to really dial in the bass the way you want to feel it.
Customize Punch installations with Punch Link and endbells. Chrome, gray and raw aluminum options available.
Maximum Efficiency Heat Sink Application
This Power Solution combines our DSM technology and MOSFET devices to allow Rockford Fosgate engineers to squeeze more watts per cubic inch from every output device. Optimized power output, enhanced thermal stability, and maximum component reliability.

Punch EQ-
A seperate bass adjustment and a treble adjustment allow you and your installer to compensate for acoustic demons like thick interior and glass that will ruin a great sounding system.
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