JVC Feature Definitions

Automtic FM Noise Suppressor:
A seperation circuit maintains excellent overall balance by constantly adjusting the channels to optimal effect. This negates the undesirable effects of decreasing FM signal strength as distance between car and signal source increases.
Smart Amp System:
MOS-FET (Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor) devices in the power supply DC-DC converter reduce conversion loss to reinforce power supply stability. Multi-Phase Connection lets you create a simplified 3-D sound system without an extra amplifier. The amplifiers used can operate with a low-impedence load of 2 ohms, effectively increasing output power.
High-Power 4-Channel Amplifiers:
The incorporated 4-channel amplifiers with preamp fader control provide superior front and rear channel sound balance during volume adjustment. Even the 2-CH design, built-in amp can drive all four speakers (for front/rear) at the same time.
Smart Cassette Mechanism:
Intelligent fast-winding offers greater control of tape operation. The FF button always fast-forwards tape and the REW button always rewinds it, regardless of the cassette being played.
CD Changer Control:
JVC cassette receivers with CD Changer Control capability enable you to control a trunk-mounted CD changer from the dashboard. This simplifies such flexiblle operations as Magazine up, Direct disc select (1-12), Track skip, Search, 2-mode Random, Auto endless play and Last-position memory.
Compu play:
Simply select and press the CD,TAPE,TUNER or CD-CH button.Then the COMPU PLAY feature automtically turns system power on and starts play. Insertion of a disc, magazine or cassette into a receiver triggers COMPU PLAY to turn power on and start music play.
1-Bit DEM DAC:
PEM DD (Pulse Edge Modulation Differential Linearity Errorless D/A) Converter is the most technologically advanced DAC, and has two to four times the resolution of conventional 1-bit DAC systems. Two independent output pulse waves, that are later combined, more than double the resolution and greatly enhance signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range. 4th-order noise shaping at the bit compression stage enables cleaner 1-bit signals to enter the low-pass filter and eliminates audible noise.
1-Bit D/A Converter:
The 1-bit D/A (Digital-Analog) converter exploits digital technology to help produce clear, sensational sound. The benefit is superior linearity with no zero-crossing distortion (most often at low signal levels), or sound distortion produced by conventional ladder-type D/A converters.
Detachable Control Panel:
JVC head units provide extra security-the front panel can be removed and transported in a compact carrying case when you leave your car. (Case not supplied with some models.)
Dolby B NR:;
Dolby B-type noise reduction system substantially reduces tape hiss noise to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, expecially at high frequencies.
Grooved EHP Head with Dual Azimuth Cotrol Filter:
EHP (Extra-Hard Permalloy) heads feature better durability and electrical characteristics than conventional permalloy heads. Their grooves reduce magnetic particle accumulation for enhanced tape-to-head contact and longer service life. Dual-azimuth alignment reduces azimuth error, improving playback of all tapes.
8-times Over Sampling Digital Filter:
Oversampling shifts undesirable noise into the inaudible high-frequency range to improve phase response accuracy, raise S/N ratio, and assure crisp, clear sound.
Full-Logic Control Mechanism:
Incorporated logic control IC allows you to execute all operations by lightly pressing a key, making mode changeover smoother and giving simple and precise control of cassettes.
Active Hyper-Bass Sound System:
JVC's Active HBS System effectively enhances low-frequency bass response by detecting output level and controlling cut-off frequency.
Sound Control Memory:
Three equalization patterms (POP,BEAT,SOFT) give you a choice of customized equalization patterms to recall at the touch of a button. You can even modify the recalled pattern to your taste and store it in memory.
Strong-station Sequential Memory
After scanning all frequencies in a given area, SSM memorizes the six strongest signals, any of which can be immediately accessed.
Power-Off Mode Eject:
Even when the receiver power and the automobile ignition are off, a dic or magazine inside the unit can be conveniently ejected for you to take home.
Direct Access:
Quickly accesses any individual track or disc.
Intro Scan:
On single disc models plays the first few seconds of each track or programmed tracks, and on our changer models, even offers the chance to hear the first few seconds of each disc in the magazine.
Random Play:;
Selects and plays back in random order either tracks from a disc, or tracks from all discs loaded in the magazine (on changers).
Continuously repeats one track or an entire disc.
Quickly switches from one track to another.
High-Precision 3-Beam Laser Pickup:
Just 16 microns seperates the beams to assure exceptional focusing and tracking. The lightweight assembly increases response speed, minimizes noise entering the servo system, and resists the effects of vibration and shock.
Plus Noise Canceler:
Effectively maintains strong FM reception by eliminting the noise caused by the ignition of other vehicles.
Remote Control:
Selected CD/Cassette Receiver units come with a highly functional remote control. The simply designed (and ergonomically shaped) controller features single-finger operation of most functions, making operation possible while driving, or from the back seat. You can keep the remote control in the provided holder when not in use, or by simply threading a string through the hole in the remote, it can be conveniently hung just about anywhere.
Resistance to Vibration & Heat:
JVC Mobile Audio components are resistant to vibration and heat. Oil-dampened, rubber- encapsulted springs and specially-designed tracking servos prevent road shock from disturbing the pickup system. And CD components use heat-resistant material for the pickup focusing lens and heat-resistant circuitry for added protection under very hot conditions.
Preset Scan:
Allows you to monitor preset stations in the order in which they were preset.
Station Scan:
Searches and stops at each station in the band you've chosen, so you can screen programs of interest.
Multi-Music Scan:
To provide quicker access to a particular tune on a tape, Multi Music Scan can skip several tunes forward or backward and start playback from the beginning of desired tune.
HS-II Tuner:
This tuner is JVC's most advanced and features new circuitry enhancements; AFNS to eliminate multipath noise, MPX to reduce noise from adjacent stations, and noise cancellation to reduce the distortion caused by over-modulation noise. The result is sensitivity improvement of 10% (0.8 dB) in FM reception compared to conventional tuners. HS (High Sensitivity) Tuner:
This tuner tunes into broadcast frequencies with utmost precision, thanks to superior resonance characteristics. Usable FM sensitivity is approximately 4dBf greater, and 50-dB quieting sensitivity is 2dBf greater than in conventional tuners. RF circuitry minimizes noise and a PIN diode attenuates signal input in excess of rated levels.
European Switchable Tuner:
Switchable tuning interval between 9 kHz and 10 kHz for AM, or between 50 kHz and 200 kHz for FM can be activated for listeners who want to receive radio broadcasts while driving in Europe.
Auto Reverse Mechanism:
Incorporating an auto-reverse mechanism, JVC cassette receivers let you enjoy continuous playback without manually reversing the tape.
Voice Support System with Remote Capability:
A Sophisticated female voice will respond to the touch of a control key by confirming your command. It is not necessary to look at the front panel display of the receiver each time you press a key. Furthermore, a wireless remote control allows you to transmit the command without having to reach for the receiver's front panel. Therefore, you can perform all commands via remote control while the voice responds in confirmation. So you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. This innovative system offers comfort and carefree sound control, without sacrificing your concentration on driving.
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